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How does it work??

How does investing with us work? Depending on the investment and how many people are becoming a part of that investment gives you many variables. However this is the basic break down of all investments!

1: Discuss investment opportunities that fit your needs and budget.

2: Invest, But wait! we DO NOT take your money until the project is fully funded! *There will be a small deposit and an agreement signed between you and our company. But in the mean time you can make your money work for you! You will receive updates every-time a new person has invested and the amount that has been invested. This way it ensures everyone is tracking when the investment will start. 

3: We draw the money from your account and get to work. Depending on the investment it usually begins within 1-2 months. 

4: $$$ Get paid every month until your contract is up at that point you can take your money and run, keep the current investment or reinvest into any thing else!