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AIRBNB Luxury Mansions

AIRBNB Luxury Mansions

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Now is your chance to own an AIRBNB and get huge returns while putting absolutely no effort in of your own. Our Luxury AIRBNB's can give you a return as high as 40%. Heres some facts:

Minimum Investment: 10K

Maximum Investment: N/A

Estimated returns: 10-40% 

Seven Year Hold Term/ Payouts made annually  

Taxes, Insurance, property management, maintenance and mortgage will all be factored into an annual statement prior to yearly returns. Updates will be made monthly after the first year.

Full funded investor package: Meaning 1 person is the sole investor and put up enough funds to purchase full needed amount. Perks include: Guaranteed 1 week a year for free, free tickets to yearly luxury investments party. Discounted vacation package. Smaller management fee from us. 

50k+ funded: Free tickets to yearly party. Discounted vacation Package.

10k+ funded: Discounted tickets to yearly party. Discounted vacation package 

For more information on Luxury AIRBNB deals please contact us with any questions including the amount you would like to invest.

In order to keep all our investors and investment opportunities safe guarded prior to receiving full details on investments you must fill out and sign our NDA. This helps protect everyones future investments and from losing out on great opportunities. 

*(Dependent on Location/purchase price/property condition/Capacity Limits/Extras)